Pondless Waterfall Installations: Raleigh & Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Do you have small children and safety is your concern, maybe you are limited on cost and really want the soothing sound of running water in your yard, or you feel that maintaining a full blown pond is more than you can handle? Whatever the reason the Pondless Waterfall could be the answer to your concerns. Freshen up the entrance to your office or home by adding a Pondless Waterfall and you will add great curb appeal that can only increase the aesthetic value of your property. The low cost and easy maintenance of Pondless Waterfalls make this system an easy choice for those wanting to add some zest to their existing landscape plan.

Because there is no pool of water, a Pondless Waterfall is a great option if you are concerned about safety issues associated with a traditional pond.

Cost can be a big factor when considering the type of pondless waterfall you want to build. In most cases, the price of a Pondless waterfall will be less than a pond, because there is less labor involved, as well as less rock and materials. Operating costs are also less. Because you’re not dealing with an established ecosystem, it’s not necessary to run the pump 24/7.

The small size of the Pondless Waterfall means you can build and enjoy a beautiful waterfall anywhere in you yard.


Taking care of your Pondless Waterfall is easy. Filling the reservoir every few weeks to compensate for water loss because of evaporation is all that’s required.

Perhaps the best part of the Pondless Waterfall is the possibility for the future. If you change your mind later, wishing you’d build a pond, that’s ok! If you leave enough room around the base of the waterfall, it’s easy to add a pond onto a Pondless Waterfall.

Complete Pondless Waterfall System
It might be difficult to imagine a waterfall and stream without a pond. Where does the water go? A Pondless Waterfall works much like a regular pond. The hole, deeper than a normal pond, is dug then lined with rock and gravel, and filled with water. The water is then circulated from beneath the rocks and gravel by a pump that sits on the bottom, inside a Snorkel™ Vault and Centipede™ Module. A pipe runs from there up to a BioFalls™ Filter and into an overflowing waterfall, where it falls back into the reservoir. Since the water level never pools above the level of the rock and gravel fill, it give the appearance of a waterfall without a pond, when in fact, the “pond” is there but not visible.

Pondless Waterfall Brochure (Click to View)

The Pondless Waterfall has made many water-lovers who were previously unable to indulge in the sweet sounds of falling water, very happy. It’s a great alternative for those who are trying to get their feet wet, or looking to fit a little bit of paradise into their own backyard. In other words, when all else fails … go Pondless®!