Pond Management in Greensboro North Carolina  

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American Aquascapes brings the benefits of water features such as aquascape ponds to businesses and homes throughout the Greensboro area. Recipient of multiple industry recognitions, pond design rewards, and great customer testimonials, American Aquascapes is proud to be the area’s premier installers of expertly designed ponds and water features. Welcomed by North Carolina residents for over a decade, we look forward to helping you enjoy a relaxing aquascape design that increases the value of your home or business.


Greensboro – The Perfect Location

Moderate Weather and Exceptional Beauty Help Make Greensboro an Excellent Place for Ponds

Pond Management Services from Greensboro’s Premier Pond & Water Garden Professionals

Located near the headwaters of the Haw and Deep rivers, the Greensboro area enjoys a wealth of natural resources and a near-perfect climate for installing a backyard paradise. The Appalachian Mountains just north of the city provide a moderating influence on the Greensboro area’s temperature, providing for an exceptionally pleasant pond experience that fit perfectly into creative garden spaces. During the hot days of a Greensboro summer, a pond’s evaporative cooling effect can even act as an outdoor air conditioner, while waterfalls and similar pond elements can help create living landscapes that capture and remove low-level air pollution, pollen, and other irritants. The calming white noise created by an expertly placed aquascape pond can help mask intruding sounds and offer a calm and relaxing getaway right in your own backyard.


Three Things You Need to Know for Pond Installation

Recognizing Potential, Understanding Limitations, and Installing Everything Right the First Time


Greensboro Pond Management1.      Finding that Perfect Aquascape Design


Enhancing the beauty of color landscapes, turning your private space into a backyard paradise, providing yourself with that perfect area to rest and relax – the type of water feature you install will be guided by your vision for its purpose.

Whether an ecosystem pond, pondless waterfall, beautiful fountainscape, or a more contained patio ponds, pond installation begins with the location. Where you want to install your water feature will affect its overall size, and perhaps require a unique approach to creative garden spaces for the features you want to enjoy. This is also the time to research the types of vegetation available and the options for including fish with your pond.

Be it an active and bubbling stream running throughout the property, or a quiet corner to relax and enjoy the benefits of a pond, or a living waterscape bubbling with Koi, there are many options available to fit every type of space and style preference.


2.      A Beautiful Aquascape Pond, Without Breaking Budget


Your budget limitations, the available area for the water feature, along with access to a power source will be the primary factors impacting the overall look and feel of your Aquascape Pond. Much like the creation of the water feature itself, your overall budget may require the assistance of experts, but should not serve to limit your vision.

Working with experienced pond contractors who are licensed, insured and maintain a good reputation for installing Greensboro ponds is the best way to guarantee the results match what you want to achieve. When looking for an experienced water feature designer and pond builder, seek out images of their prior work. You may even be able to visit installations of living landscapes they were involved with constructing at local businesses and public areas as well.

Keep in mind that the aquascape designs you see may match the artistic preferences of previous clients, so try and keep an eye out more for the quality of the workmanship than artistic style. American Aquascape is proud of the physical integrity of its pond installations. You should also search social media and online review websites to learn more about the experience others have had when installing their water features and contracting pond cleaning services.

Always remember to ask questions. Ask all pond contractors for pictures of what they consider their best work, and then ask what you can do to achieve the same outcome.


water gardens greensboro3.      Pond Construction and Maintenance


Once you have done your homework and worked with an expert to create a great design, it’s time to prepare for installation and long-term pond management. You do not need to know every detail before getting started, but understanding the general timeline for the project is important. You may need to have a plan for your pets, be able to provide access to power and water sources if you’re not home, and contact the local utility before any digging takes place.

Though licensed and insured contractors like American Aquascape will ensure these steps and others are completed, you are ultimately responsible for the work that occurs on your property. Working with high-quality pond contractors is the best way to alleviate any risk. It is often also a good idea to let your neighbors know to expect workers on your property during the construction period.

Installation is not complete until you understand best practices for pond management, and have plans in place with a pond cleaning service, such as the Spring Cleanout Services offered by American Aquascapes. Certified contractors will always walk you through Koi pond care and the maintenance of your aquaspace pond, while patiently answering any questions you may have. For a typical pond, you should expect no more than a few hours of pond management during warm months and it is always a good idea to contract a pond service for regular cleaning. This is particularly true after any “tough” winters that may occur in the Greensboro area. The types of plants and fish you choose for your living landscape will also determine how much maintenance may be needed.

Often times the goal is to create balanced living waterscapes where fish, plants, insects, and other factors work together to create a virtuous cycle that requires little intervention and leads to much enjoyment.


Working with Your Local Aquaspace Design Expert


Ponds and similar water features represent the best way to add beauty to your outdoor living space. For nearly two decades, American Aquaspace has worked with Greensboro residents and businesses to create and enhance high-quality creative garden spaces. When looking for expert pond contractors, pond cleaning services, and pond management, you can rely on the experience of American Aquascapes to help you create the backyard paradise you deserve.