Pond Contractor in Raleigh & Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Monthly Pond Service
Our pond system requires very little maintenance. However, for those who desire a “hands off” approach, we offer monthly & bi-monthly pond service for pond owners in North Carolina.

  • During your monthly 20-point check up we will insure your greatest investment, your pump(s), are running properly,
  • Access the feature for leaks or blockages in plumbing,
  • Tune your auto-fill valve to work efficiently,
  • Check & clean the skimmer net & filter pads,
  • Inspect the bio-falls & ensure they are not losing water,
  • Add Water Treatments
  • Inspect surface tension & flow rates of the skimmer or wetland filter,
  • Inspect aquatic plants for insect and disease,
  • Fertilize water lilies (as needed),
  • Prune dead aquatic plants,
  • Test water for nitrates, nitrites, hardness, alkalinity, PH, salt,
  • Remove pond debris,
  • Adjust rocks / gravel to cover liner,
  • Test and replace underwater lighting.

If you are interested in quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly pond service please contact us to request our Prevention Program Brochure & Request Form

Emergency Pond Service

Power outages, pump problems we can support most pond emergencies within hours not days with our pond service. For all pond emergencies call us @ (336) 578-6123.

Pond Service for Fall

Pond netting is an option that is not the prettiest but, reduces a significant amount of pond care during the fall and protects your fish from winter predators. Floating pond nets are a poor option as they require constant attention because the weight of the leaves. With our pond service we have perfected a techinque that keeps the leaves off the pond the entire season while still giving access to your skimmer and fish. Our pond netting system stores easily for continued use for years to come.

Pond Clean out in Spring

Like the ice melting in mountain streams that flush out toxins, our pond service insures a balanced system. Ponds need to be cleaned every 1-2 years to help promote healthy fish and a strong ecosystem. Our travelling 800 gallon tank will insure your koi fish are safely cared for while we empty and pressure wash your rocks and tune your system to look new again.