Our Happy Customers

  • Sean allowed us to work by his side as we deconstructed the water feature. Once all of the rock was lying on our walkway and drive, we found a number of tears in the liner. These confirmed that the leaks could not have been repaired without removing all of the rock. At that point, Sean took over the design and re-building. He has an amazing ability to conceive a "look" and then set about building it from the ground up. He incorporated a few changes we requested that really excited us. And, the finished product is a masterpiece! We absolutely love it. And we actually like it more than the original, something we had not anticipated.
    Pondless Waterfall
    Vann and Laura E.
  • Thank you American Aquascapes! The waterfall/pond design is spectacular! It has exceeded my expectations! The design not only enhances the yard, but the house as well. My husband and I had the crazy notion once to design and build a pond/water feature ourselves. Glad we came to our senses! Contracting American Aquascapes has been an absolute best decision. This is a group of talented, experienced workers. I would not hesitate to contract them for any other outside project. We are confident we will enjoy the pond/waterfalls and all landscaping for many years. Job well done!  
    Dane and Diana C.
  • Thanks so much for the great improvement you made on my pond. The quality and timeliness of the work was great and Sean's knowledge and aesthetic are impressive. I am so pleased and will definitely call you if I have any further questions or need assistance.
    Barbara M.
  • I want to express my appreciation for the job you and the Crew did building my pond. I was completely amazed at your efficiency and professionalism. You created a work of art in less than a week with minimum disruption to our lifestyle or to the yard. Looking at it now, it's hard to believe it has not been there for hundreds of years. It looks absolutely natural and the soothing sound is almost unbelievable. All of my friends and neighbors can hardly believe their eyes and ears when they go into the backyard. I don't know how to put it into words. It is simply spectacular! Please feel free to use me as a reference for any future pond lovers. I will be proud to recommend you and show prospective customers your outstanding work.
    Jerry W.